COST £10 FROM 8 -11Pm



Supervised Swiss Chicago

All, but the last week of each month will be a supervised Swiss Chicago which qualifies for MCS Cup ladder points (**see MCS Cup Competition Rules). There are two opportunities in the year to win the inaugural MCS Cup competition which is run over 6 month periods. Unlimited questions in the bidding (within reason) can be asked of Neal during all Monday sessions.  

At the end of the last qualifying June and December sessions, the MSC Cup will be awarded to the winner/s with the highest cumulative ladder points over the previous 6 months. The second highest score will be given a bottle of champagne.

Please note that the Chicago winners of each individual session on Monday evenings during the year will qualify for prizes. 



*MSC Cup ladder points will not be accrued for this session.



* *                                                 The MCS Cup Competition Rules


  1. This new competition will be run from the 10 Jan 2012 on the majority of Monday evenings to commemorate the passing of our dear member Mark Creedy Smith in October 2011.  
  2. Ladder points will be awarded to each player of the pair finishing first ( = 5 points), second ( = 3 points) or third (1 point) in the weekly Swiss Chicago sessions. (It is also possible for other sessions to qualify for ladder points, such as a Bridge Holiday Weekend with the Riverside Club – details to be confirmed). Also 5 Honorary ladder points will be awarded for any recommendation from a member of a new player who attends at least 2 sessions. On any session where there are a maximum of 12 tables double ladder points will be awarded.


An extra ladder placing will be awarded for each table more than 5 at a session on an incrementally enhanced scale. Hence, for example, when there are 


6 tables: 1st =  7 points

                                               2nd = 5 points

                                               3rd =  3 points

                                               4 =  1 point


    7 tables:   1st  =  9 points

                                              2nd =  7 points

                                              3rd  = 5 points

                                              4th =  3 points

                                              5th =  1 point


     8 tables: 1st = 11 points etc


  1. Tied places will share the points accruing for those positions e.g. 2 pairs coming 1st equal, when there were 7 tables in play, will be awarded 8 points each. Any fractions of a point arising from this calculation will always be rounded up. Last place tying pairs will automatically receive 1 point each.
  2. Should the host director be required to play, the member partnered can qualify for half of any earned ladder points.
  3. The host director will be available to assist members with unlimited (within reason!) questions in the bidding.
  4. The ladder table leader(s) following the last qualifying session in June will receive the MCS Cup, engraved with the winner’s name(s), and the runner up a bottle of champagne. The winner of the MCS Cup retains it for 6 months.
  5. A new ladder then recommences, and the ladder leader(s) following the last qualifying session at the end of the year will receive the MCS Cup, engraved with the winner’s name(s) to be retained for 6 months. The runner up will receive a bottle of champagne.                                                                                     




  • Played in set pairs
  • 4 hands every round
  • Net score difference converted into “victory points” at each round end
  • Randomly dealt hands
  • Synchronised round starts to enable pairs of similar aggregate score